How Each item is made

All HABOO pieces are handmade in Katy Flynn’s kitchen-cum-studio in her home in Waterford – with a mission to use materials which are eco-friendly, or sustainability-focused.

HABOO’s main products are handmade, colourful terrazzo-style homeware pieces - including vases, dishes, candleholders, bowls, ornaments, and more. These are created using ‘Jesmonite’ - a design material that is non-toxic, water-based, and is an eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional resin, or ceramic based products. 

In the creation of these pieces, she employs an element of ‘chance’ in a playful creation process, so that each piece evolves its own individual colours, accents, and ‘imperfections’ to celebrate. Using custom moulds, she initially fills these with a ‘foundation’ colour, before complementing this with the addition of coloured chips of varying sizes, shapes, and quantities. The pieces are then sanded back ‘archaeologically’ to reveal a once-off pattern that is unique to that single piece.