Hi there! I’m Katy a designer, photographer, and creator – from Waterford, Ireland. 

For over a decade I have been studying and working in various facets of the design industry - from graphic design, through illustration, embroidery, product-design, and photography – and my journey so far has included roles in design, fashion, and photography studios, in Ireland, Australia, and Spain.

Founded in 2020, ‘HABOO’ - a homeware & fashion brand - is my latest project. The main products of HABOO, are my own handcrafted, colourful terrazzo homeware and ornament pieces, created using ‘Jesmonite’ - a design and artwork material that is non-toxic, water-based, and an environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional design materials or resin-based products. Each item is handmade, and employs an element of ‘chance’ in its creation process, to produce an individual, once-off pattern, unique to that single piece – with its own unique colours, accents, and imperfections to celebrate.

Ps. The name ‘HABOO’ comes from Waterford-slang for ‘sleep’ – particularly used in the phrase ‘go haboo’, to help babies drift off to slumber – and I hope my pieces bring you some peace and comfort, too!



Katy x